June 10, 2022

Cucumber & Citrus: Southwest Spirits Launches Two nue naturals vodkas

Cool off with zero carbs, zero sugar, and just 87 calories per serving


Discover a refreshing nue take on our award-winning vodka: nue naturals, a lighthearted and lower-calorie spirit that’s distilled 7x for the ultimate clean taste. Now available in two crisp flavors, cucumber and citrus, each bottle of nue naturals is softly infused with all-natural fruit and botanical essences.


Health-conscious consumers appreciate the ultra-pure profile of our new small-batch vodka, which is free from artificial flavors or colors and contains zero carbs and sugar. And everyone appreciates the taste: smooth, silky, subtle—and perfectly balanced for a premium experience on your palate. With only 87 calories per serving and naturally gluten-free, nue naturals vodka fits easily into the modern quest to live a better lifestyle (and to savor every moment of it). 


Both brightly flavored spirits enhance the mood wherever they’re sipped, from the trendiest rooftop lounges to laid-back happy hours on the terrace or at home. nue naturals cucumber delivers a fresh, crisp dose of delight to gimlets and soda—and it’s just as delicious on the rocks. For a hint of zest and mellow allure, nue naturals citrus adds sophisticated elan to your favorite cocktails. 


Like all nue vodkas, these two new flavors are 100% American owned and made with the highest quality corn and water purified by reverse osmosis. Meticulously distilled by Southwest Spirits in the heart of Dallas, Texas, nue vodka is raising the bar to nue heights with its exceptional quality, purity, and naturally clean taste.  Visit nuevodka.com to check out #whatsnue and connect with @nuevodka on Instagram, cheers! 


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