Our Brands


This is a spirit for the Nue generation. 6X distilled and gluten free, Nue delivers a smooth, clean taste that is great in anything from a classic martini to a bold bloody mary. It’s not for those who sit and wait for opportunity to knock; it’s for those who go out and seize it. This is more than just a drink. Pure. Clean. Simple.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2015

  • Nue Grapefruit Vodka wins a Double Gold Medal and title “Best Flavored Vodka.”
  • Nue Peach Vodka wins a Bronze Medal.
  • Nue Straight Vodka wins a Bronze Medal



Harvest Moon combines craftsmanship with Americas “amber waves of grain”. Like the harvest moon itself, our American made wheat vodka commands a rich, lasting and unforgettable experience.

Calamity Gin

Our combination of Old World and New World styles produces a unique taste, we call “Texas Dry”. Calamity Gin is a premium craft gin infused with wildflowers including Texas Bluebonnets. The taste profile is well balanced with juniper, floral notes and a fresh complex citrus finish.



Smooth seas never made for a skilled sailor, but smooth rum helped. A product of the West Indies, George Ocean rum is a balanced blend of natural spices and oils infused with the spirit of adventure. Legend states that the original George Ocean could sail through a hurricane with one hand tied behind his back. However, we find that hard to believe, since he always had a bottle of rum in the other hand. Regardless, he was a fearless man and a smooth sailor – and now, a smooth rum.

Sanfrancisco World Spirits Competition, 2015

  • George Ocean White Rum wins a Gold Medal and “Best Buy” award
  • George Ocean Spiced Rum wins a Silver Medal
  • George Ocean Gold Rum wins a Silver Medal
  • George Ocean Coffee Rum wins a Silver Medal
  • George Ocean Coconut Rum wins a Bronze Medal


J.R. Ewing Bourbon

As the most notorious and celebrated bourbon drinker in history, J.R. Ewing’s signature style was founded on a platform of being the best. The bourbon created in his name carries that same creed through decades of distilling experience brought to his Texas roots, and bottled in Dallas where J.R. made his mark. Well balanced with a light amber color and a maturity that adds to its complexity, the taste profile is surprisingly mild yet crisp. It greets you with a classic nose marked by notes of vanilla, oak sweetness and a touch of orange and leaves you with a lightly spicy/honey taste that lingers.

95 Point rating from Tasting Panel Magazine, 2017




The eighteenth amendment to the constitution had ushered in a period known as prohibition. As more and more American’s opposed the eighteenth amendment, a political movement grew for its repeal as well as a national outcry for the right to the great American spirit – Whiskey. On December 5, 1933 the 21st amendment to the United States constitution repealed all prohibition on alcohol setting the American spirit free. This allowed small batch high quality whiskey to begin again. Born was Title 21 American Whiskey, a craft whiskey blend that includes whiskey aged 8+ years in charred oak barrels.



In pursuit of an Irish Whiskey both bourbon and scotch drinkers can appreciate, Southwest Spirits & Wine brings you Knockmore Irish Whiskey. Knockmore is created from delicately blending aged single malts with 8-10 year grain and malt whiskeys in first filled, flame charred bourbon barrels. Using a non-chill filter process and distilling with spring water creates a rich flavor profile that includes light vanilla and a lasting spice finish. Knockmore Irish Whiskey is a trade-up from the category leaders that is both sippable and mixable appealing to both a new and traditional Irish Whiskey demographic.



Everyone knows that crime pays – but none could be more familiar with the concept than the notorious bootlegger, Henderson. Known only by his last name, he used booze-soaked bills to pay off the feds, and a swiveling machine gun to “off” any mobsters who stood in his way. The prohibition era might have already come and gone, but the irreverent spirit of Henderson lives on through his whiskey.

Sanfrancisco World Spirits Competition, 2015

  • Silver Medalist



From refreshing, fruit-foreword Chardonnays to richly seductive Cabernets, sweet reds to dry whites, our library of wines provides the perfect pairings for any occasion. Manuscript brings the poetry of prime varietal vintages crafted in California’s preeminent vineyards and sourced across the globe in collaboration with the most acclaimed wineries.



“Where Hollywood Meets Vine”. PS: Match wines are a collaboration between Patti Stanger and Cameron Hughes. Patti is the star of the successful show Millionaire matchmaker on Bravo. Cameron Hughes is one of the preeminent wine négociants in the industry. Southwest Spirits & Wines feel they are a perfect match to produce excellent tasting wines at a good value. Cultivated in the vineyards of California and Italy, P.S. Match Wines have been constructed with fine ingredients, and crafted with one goal in mind: bringing people together.

P.S. Match Rosso recieved an 89 Point rating on Tasting Panel Magazine, 2015



Top Spin wines offer bright aromas, fresh flavors, rich texture and complex varietal character. Grown in the cool coastal vineyards of California, these wines serve up layer upon layer of aromas and flavors–an ace every time you pour a glass to enjoy.



Brands We Service


Driven to be the best, MVP Vodka is craft-distilled from premium American Wheat and meticulously blended by our pros for a smooth finish. The result? A pure winner that always delivers when it’s time to Elevate Your Game.



1835 Founder’s blend whiskey is a premium blend of whiskey carefully selected from charred oak barrels aged not less than eight years. This limited edition whiskey is handcrafted allowing every patiently aged sip to be a rich flavor of soft oak, vanilla, and caramel to linger into a full-bodied, well balanced finish. A stand-alone whiskey that proudly speaks for itself.



Texas made with neutral grain spirits, Lonestar is sure to satisfy the bold.


1835 The LONE STAR

Texas is called the lone star state in commemoration of the struggles Texans endured to attain independence. Rugged individualism and independent spirit continues to define Texas and Texan pride. Out of this pride came 1835, the lone star. Texas made with neutral grain spirits, Lonestar is sure to satisfy the bold.



Salado, located deep in the heart of Texas, sits upon the banks of the clear and cool waters of Salado Creek. During the latter half of the 19th century, Salado served as an oasis for cowboys driving cattle north on the hot and dusty Chisholm Trail. After a long day of fording rivers and fighting outlaws in the Texas sun, cowboys capped their night with the complex taste of whiskey. Salado Whiskey is a mild-mannered whiskey that helps helps modern cowboys and cowgirls relax after a day on the trail.



In a cave just outside BoquerÓn Bay, a pirate well known as the “Robin Hood” of Puerto Rico stashed his loot from plundering activities. Known for his flamboyance and generosity, he shared treasures amongst those in need, and is now an inspiration for legends and myths. Although the hidden treasure has never been found, our pirate continues to influence the sharing of Caribbean riches in the distinctive bold flavor of BoquerÓn Rum.

Backwoods Craft Spirits

Craft Spirits is what we have always done and we are 100% American owned and produced! You can’t fake quality and good taste. We put our heart and soul into all of our adult beverages.
We take our time, produce in small batches and only use the finest ingredients, the best flavors and filtering process to give you the very best craft adult beverages available.



Robert Del Grande, our James Beard-awarded Chef, who even cooked with Julia Childs and holds a PhD in bio-chemistry, created ROXOR as a modern, signature gin, free from the European limitations of the 17th century. Roxor mixes incredibly well with a variety of mixers including the traditional tonic, which still lets the vibrant note of juniper, grefuirt and lime come through. Welcome to our refreshingly modern gin.



American made and carefully curated, Jackson Morgan was born out of a need for a craft whiskey cream. Playful southern flavors including salted caramel, orange whip, and brown cinnamon sugar create a fun flair that has been missing from traditional whiskey creams. Can be sipped neat or shaken into a vintage cocktail. Best served chilled.

Sanfrancisco World Spirits Competition, 2015

  • Jackson Morgan Peaches & Cream wins a Silver Medal
  • Jackson Morgan Salted Caramel wins a Silver Medal



Australian Bitters is a hand crafted aromatic bitters, which has been carefully crafted by mixology experts to deliver an exceptional taste. Combining over 20 natural botanicals, Australian Bitters Company has created the perfect artisanal small batch bitters for your venue.



If you’re looking for a hero of a mixer, look no further than Luchador Margarita Mix. Featuring great natural lime taste with no artificial colors or flavors, Luchador Lime pile-drives the competition into submission. Not to mention the bold logo and rugged good looks that make this tasty champ of a mixer practically jump off the top shelf. For the ultimate real margarita flavor experience, team up your favorite tequila with Luchador Margarita Mix and watch the sparks fly!